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Die Vorfahren Index Search Page

The quarterly publication Die Pommerschen Leute includes family group sheets that have been submitted by our subscribers. The full names for each family group sheet are included in a searchable index so that researchers can locate familiy group sheets that may be related to their research. Click here to see an example of an Item that has been published in Die Vorfahren and the list of full names from that Item placed in the full name index. Note: This search capability looks for exact surname matches and beginning given name matches. The given name entry can be left blank.

You can use this page to search the Die Vorfahren full name index. Enter a surname and, optionaly the beginning of a given name in the boxes below on the left to get the full name lists for all of the items that include that include the surname.

Each Die Vorfahren subscriber is also given a unique number and may have submitted many Items. To see the full name lists for all the Items a subscriber has submitted, enter the subscribers ID number in the box below in the middle. This capability can tell you what other family lines the subscriber is researching.

Each Item published in Die Vorfahren is given a unique number. To get the full name list for a single Item (useful if you want to print the Items name list for future reference) enter the Item number in the box below on the right.

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