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Place Name Index

Latest Update: 09 Jan 2009

Update Notes:
  • The index is current through the Winter 2008 issue of Die Pommerschen Leute newsletter.
  • A significant effort is made to standardize and correct errors in place names for Pomeranian locations east of the Oder River. Since one purpose of the indices is to bring together researchers interested in the same locations and these locations may have undergone spelling changes, Kreis boundary changes, and Province changes over the years, we use the spellings and boundaries found on the Kartenmeister website as a standard.
  • Even though the Kartenmeister database is very complete, there are still locations reported in DPL that do not appear. Our assumption is that either the submitter has received erroneous information or that the location was small, existed in the 1800's and was abandoned by the 1900's. In either case, this information is left unchanged.
  • Please see our how to page which explains how you can obtain the newsletter items that contained these locations along with the submitter's contact information.