"The Pomeranian People"


Die Vorfahren Online Indices

Die Pommerschen Leute usually contains ten pages with articles related to Pomeranian history, geography, culture and genealogical resources. It also contains Die Vorfahren, ten pages of genealogical information submitted by our subscribers (see side column). Our subscribers are generally people in the United States whose ancestors immigrated from Pomerania and most information in Die Vorfahren reflects this heritage. Publication in Die Vorfahren, however, is open to any subscriber with Pomeranian ancestry.

Die Vorfahren has been publishing genealogical information for almost 25 years. To help people locate information related to their ancestors, we maintain two online indices to the items published in Die Vorfahren: a full name index and a place name index.

The Full Name index includes the full name of every individual that occurs in Die Vorfahren items along with the item number in which the name occurred and the identification number of the subscriber who submitted the information. Jerry Dalum saw the need for such an index not long after Myron Gruenwald founded the publication and has maintained the index every since. You can access the full name index at www.pomeranianews.org/dv/persons/indexdv.html

The Place Name index includes the name of every location in Pomerania that occurs in Die Vorfahren items along with the identification number of the subscriber who submitted the information. Myron started this index because of his interest in migration patterns of Pomeranians who immigrated to the United States and maintained it untill his death. It is now maintained by George Unrine. You can access the place name index at www.pomeranianews.org/dv/places/dvstadt.html

Please send your own contributions for publication to:
   Die Vorfahren
   Pomeranian Special Interest Group
   2117 Oakmount Drive
   Riviera Beach, FL 33404
Or email them to editorDV@pomeranianews.org

There are only two requirements for publication: 1) you must be a subscriber to Die Pommerschen Luete and 2) you must show some Pomeranian ancestry. For your submission, you may send the usual sort of ancestor chart or family group sheet(s) or just send as much as you can of the following information on each person in any clear form.

Starting with your earliest known Pomeranian ancestor, we need complete name (and any known variations), dates and places of birth and death, name of spouse, with that person's dates and ancestry, if possible, and date and place marriage, names and dates of any children.

On places, the Kreis (county) is very important, because village names were often used repeadtedly in the entire province. Additional information, such as occupation and date and port of immigration and name of ship, if known, add color.

You may continue down the family tree for as many generations and branches as you like, only be mindful of privacy considerations and do not include those still living without their consent.