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Published quarterly, Die Pommerschen Leute periodical is designed for people who have an interest in Pomeranian ancestry.

What you'll find in Die Pommerschen Leute:

Die Pommerschen Leute - "The Pomeranian People" was founded by Myron Gruenwald in 1982 to bring together and help people who are interested in Pomerania. With his dedicated commitment and unlimited enthusiasm, he devoted his talents to Die Pommerschen Leute newsletter until his death in 1998. Later, when the Pomeranian Special Interest Group assumed responsibility for publication of Die Pommerschen Leute, it took on this same dedication to provide our subscribers with excellent help and guidance in all things Pomeranian.

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Die Pommerschen Leute

Four quarterly issues:


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  Die Pommerschen Leute
  is published by the Pommeranian Special Interest   Group (PSIG). PSIG is an IRS recognized 501(c)3,   tax exempt organization. If you would like to make   a donation, you may use the button below.